Accolades Galore

Since you’re here we’re sure you’ve heard of the Derailed Haunted House already, but did you know that A LOT of others have heard about us as well? Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, The Houses That October Built, just to name a few! We’ve included links to the articles below if you’re interested in several good reads!

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Forbes identified Derailed Haunted House as one of “America’s Best Haunted Halloween Attractions”

The Chicago Tribune featured Derailed Haunted House for their use of technology and interactive experiences in haunting.

The Houses That October Built 2 names Derailed Haunted House as one of “America’s Scariest Haunted Houses”.

Coaster Nation touts Derailed Haunted House as one of the “Top Haunted Houses for 2018”

Entertainment Designer calls Derailed Haunted House one of its “7 Standout Hunted Attractions for 2016.”

Entertainment Designer cites Derailed Haunted House for its “interactivity” and “customization”.” mentions Derailed Haunted House for its use of new technologies.

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